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The Rhymes 'n' Times Classroom Kit

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Rhymes 'n' Times is a new and innovative product that is revolutionizing the way children learn the Times Tables. Regular, Special Needs, and Gifted students, K-6, can conquer the facts in ONLY 3 WEEKS! This successful, hands-on program works because it addresses all 4 learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile. It meets the individual learning needs of ALL students and provides them with 4 references to get answers.

Educators nationwide acknowledge the fact that too many students fall through the cracks in math because they don’t conquer the Times Tables. Without mastery of the Times Tables, students cannot progress to higher-level math skills. Well, Rhymes ‘n’ Times has solved the problem and is an ‘educational breakthrough.’ This MUST-HAVE program is astounding educators everywhere...

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Success Rate
The success rate is UNPRECEDENTED and UNPARALLELED nationwide....Read More
This cost-effective program is offered at a list price of ONLY $399.99 PER KIT.... . Read More
Time Efficient
This time-efficient program is taught in ONLY 3 WEEKS… Read More
Easy to Teach
It is so easy to teach that NO TRAINING IS NECESSARY .Read More
Its Fun
It is so much fun that STUDENTS BEG TO DO MATH EVERY DAY.... . Read More
The intangibles are numerous and VERY IMPORTANT FEATURES..... Read More

Rhymes 'n' Times Success Stories
Many teachers tell us their students actually ASK to do Rhymes ‘n’Times!
Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial

"My class has just finished three weeks of truly 'conquering' the times tables with the Rhymes 'n' Times product! The children enjoyed learning the facts with the rhymes. We took the last test on Tuesday, and 18 of my 19 children scored 96 and higher! Thanks for introducing it to us."

"My teachers have had phenomenal success with the Rhymes 'n' Times program. We've never seen our third-graders excel like this before! It’s great to see that students can have fun learning and be successful in math at the same time."

"The kids loved it! They were enthusiastic from the first day
until the last, when we went digging for worms. With 20 years of experience in third-grade, this was an entirely new way of presenting times tables. I couldn't believe that 26 out of my 28 students scored 100% on the final test, and the other two students only missed one problem! Kudos to Rhymes 'n' Times!"

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We are so confident that Rhymes 'n' Times will enable ALL of your students to conquer the Times Tables in ONLY 3 WEEKS, that we offer your money back if your class does not average above 90% on the final test!
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