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"The staff at Turner Educational Products, L.L.C. would like to thank you for your visit. We trust that you recognize the importance of our math products that are revolutionizing the instruction of basic math skills all over the world. Our products WORK, and that's why we are able to offer such a huge guarantee. Be sure to share your testimonial with us so we can pass your success story on to others. We'd love to hear from you! And, remember, if you aren't 100% satisfied with our products, you can request a full refund. As always, we remain committed to changing lives through multi-sensory education."

Anita Spires Turner, Owner
Turner Educational Products, L.L.C.


Anita earned a B.A. in Psychology at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and an M.Ed in Special Education at Southeastern University in Hammond, Louisiana. She taught regular and Special Education students, K-12, in the state of Louisiana for over fifteen years. Her teaching experience includes students with a variety of disabilities, from Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy to Learning Disabled and Emotional/Behavioral-Disordered.

During her teaching career, Anita developed non-traditional programs to teach reading and math and to build self-esteem. Some of her programs include: The Breakfast Reading Club, The Monster Magic Reading Club, the VIP Club (Very Important Person), The Lunch Bunch Club, Lady 2000, Rhymes 'n' Times, Divide 'n' Slide, Fishin' for Addition, and Subtraction in Action.

Anita is a native of South Portland, Maine and resides in Gray, Maine and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She currently travels all over the United States to speak with her fellow colleagues about the importance of the Rhymes 'n' Times family of math products. She has two grown sons and enjoys piano, tennis, golf, writing, and the arts.

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The origin of Rhymes 'n' Times dates back to 1992 when Anita Spires Turner was teaching Special Education students in a third-grade, inclusion classroom in the state of Louisiana. Her Special Education students were illiterate in both reading and math, yet Anita was required by the public school system to teach her students the Times Tables. Because her students were unable to master the Times Tables with the obsolete, traditional style of memorization, she was forced to devise a new methodology to teach her students with special needs. This challenge inspired her to pursue her education further and complete a Master's degree in Special Education. Thus, her quest had begun, to change students' lives through multi-sensory education. . .

During the next 4 years, Anita integrated her teaching experience with her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and her Master's Degree in Special Education, and developed a new and innovative program to teach the Times Tables. The non-traditional, multi-sensory program was copyrighted as Rhymes 'n' Times, and her students with special needs who couldn't add or subtract did learn to multiply. Shortly thereafter, Anita began conducting math clinics in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and she taught students the Times Tables in ONLY 4 HOURS! The high success rate of the program motivated parents to drive their children to Baton Rouge from all over the state of Louisiana to receive remediation. In fact, it was the dedication of these parents that encouraged Anita to introduce and launch Rhymes 'n' Times into school systems across the United States.

The first Rhymes 'n' Times teacher's manual was drafted in 1995 and was then edited and simplified over a 4-year time period to ensure that anyone and everyone could teach the program. Meanwhile, materials and manipulatives were collected and organized into learning kits for classroom teachers and parents. In the summer of 2000, Anita self-published Rhymes 'n' Times and sold her first classroom kit. In August 2001, Turner Educational Products, L.L.C. was formed as the parent company to manufacture, sell, and distribute the Rhymes 'n' Times program. Because it was so highly successful, principals demanded sister products; so, Divide 'n' Slide, Fishin' for Addition, and Subtraction in Action soon followed.


At Turner Educational Products, LLC, every employee is committed to changing the lives of children through multi-sensory education, and all of our products and services have been created for that purpose. With that in mind, our team of employees encourages and nurtures a creative environment to attract talented individuals who have new and innovative ideas. If you are one of those people and would like to participate in our mission, we would love to hear from you.

Please send your resume and cover letter to the following address: careers@rhymesntimes.com.


Studies yielding the results of Rhymes 'n' Times are illustrated on the figure to the right. These studies were performed in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms in the state of Louisiana and included a total of 114 Regular and Special Education students. Before implementation of the program, a pretest consisting of all multiplication facts, 0 - 12, revealed that the average Regular student knew only 30.5% of those facts. Upon completion of the program in ONLY 3 WEEKS, Regular students scored an average of 92.1% on the posttest (identical to the pretest).

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Analysis of the Regular student pretest histogram reveals that prior to using Rhymes 'n' Times, 78 out of 90 Regular students scored less than 70% on the pretest, with 30 students scoring less than 10%. Upon completion of the Rhymes 'n' Times program after ONLY 3 WEEKS, no student scored less than 70% on the posttest! In fact, 18 students scored 100%, 11 students scored 99%, and 9 students scored 98%.

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